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  § 2012_Civil Twilight Exhibition︱Light Fiesta §

Date: 2012/1/23(Mon.) ~ 3/18(Sun.)
Opening: 2012/2/3(Fri.), 19:00
Venue: Barry Room, Taipei Artist Village ( No.7, Beiping East Rd.,Taipei, Taiwan)
Participated artists: Sungyeon Park, Ting,Chaong-Wen、Lee, Pei-Ling、2 Day Studio(Lin, You-Sheng、Zhang, Jian-Zhi-Wei)、Ching Yi Tseng

The word “Fiesta” is originated from Spanish. “Fiesta” is a common verbal word in people’s lives, and its definition can be put in use from personal parties to national celebrations. We try to define the exhibition by the name “Light Fiesta” to illuminate that it is not a dazzling, high-technology light celebration, but a re-seeing of everydayness of light. It can be a personally microcosmic party of light as well.

The curatorial idea of Light Fiesta Exhibition can be traced back to the traditional celebration in Taiwan during the period of New Year in Lunar Calendar --- Lantern Festival. Through this annual light celebration, the exhibition “Light Fiesta” will review the applications of light in everyday life, returning to the personal observation in the lives of artists. This observation can be nostalgic, low-technology, microcosmic and concentrating on poetics of daily lives.
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