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2016_Solo Show_Whispering Room

Solo Show

Whispering Room
Emily Davis Gallery, Myers School of Art, University of Akron, USA
2016. 11. 3. - 11. 23.

This exhibition is organized by the Emily Davis Gallery and sponsored by the Gallery Comittee and the Residency Committee of the Myers School of Art.
123   2016_Solo Show <Tin-Wind Laboratory>      
122   2016_Solo Show <Tin-Wind Laboratory>      
121   2016_Solo Show <Tin-Wind Laboratory>      
120   2016_Solo Show <Tin-Wind Laboratory>      
  2016_Solo Show_Whispering Room      
118   2016_Solo Show_Whispering Room      
117   2016_Solo Show_Whispering Room      
116   2016_다섯차례섬광(Five Flashes), 인천아트플랫폼      
115   2014_Space Craft - Interface and Potential Art Space      
114   2014_Space Craft at SOMA Museum of Art      
113   Exhibition View of Dematerialization / Materialization      
112   2013_Solo Show_Talking Doors      
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