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Her Grey Hair (Video)

Her Grey Hair is a series of projects about the unchanging reality of female labor. A woman’s graying hair corresponds to her life. Looking at my mother’s back, her hair resembles a stiff and dry calligraphy brush, causing her to look even more tired. Nothing shows tiredness better than a person’s back. In this installation, I have juxtaposed a self produced calligraphy brush, a video projection of gentle hand stokes and subtle humming. The hand strokes are soft and consolidating, as if one is brushing through the woods or nursing a baby to sleep.

19-23 September 2007
MA Fine Art Degree Show

Wood handle, strings
168 x 29cm
Sound by Pan's Labyrinth  taken from Hace Mucho, Mucho Tiempo
Humming by Sungyeon Park
Dimensions variable
00:2:19 minute loop

63   Exhibition View_Herstory 60      
62   Exhibition View_Garden For Children      
61   Chelsea show 2007_Having a Voice      
60   drawing, 2007      
  Her Grey Hair (Video)      
58   Chelsea Show 2007_Mumbling and Muddling Women      
57   Solo Show_"To Meet Customer Demand"      
56   Solo Show_"To Meet Customer Demand"      
55   Solo Show_"To Meet Customer Demand"      
54   Solo Show_"To Meet Customer Demand"      
53   Solo Show_"To Meet Customer Demand"(Video)      
52   Solo Show_Night, Night, SweAt Dream!      
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