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Sungyeon      {12-08 /Friday 17:55:35}   

  § 2017_이면탐구자 Inside Out §


guBuyo Band / KWON Ki Dong / KIM Myungjin / ROH Seung-Bok / PARK Sungyeon /
SHIN Seung Jae / INSANE PARK / JEON Ji / HAN Jin / HONG Jung-Ouk

The Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art is pleased to present “The Breath of Fresh 2017 : Inside Out” from December, 15. This annual exhibition, dedicated to the recent works of the 10 artists selected for the visual arts support program of the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, this year includes: guBuyo BAND, KWON Ki Dong, KIM Myungjin, ROH Seung-Bok, PARK Sungyeon, SHIN Seung Jae, INSANE PARK, JEON Ji, HAN Jin and HONG Jung-Ouk.

Although selected based not on particular subject or tendency, these participating artists have something in common in approaching artistic creation; they take a subject or find a way of expression by thinking over and internalizing various aspects of life they meet, such as life and death, urban landscape and daily life, and the history and memory of an individual and a community, and interpret and reveal the phenomenon by digging into the inside, or something invisible or inside not to be revealed to the outside, although their fist interest was caused by the phenomenon, or on the surface of things.

All through the process from conceiving the concept of a new work to finishing it, these ten artists exploring the inside were accompanied by the seven critics who made a criticism and interpretation of each artist and his or her work, such as KANG Snag-Hoon, KOH Dong-Yeon, KIM Jung Hyun, LEE Saeng-Gang, LEE Jeongeun, Lim Jongeun and JUNG Hyun. The new works presented for the first time in the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art and the seven critics' commentaries on them will offer a valuable opportunity to explore the various aspects of Gyeonggi contemporary art.

These participating artists, all of whom live in Gyeonggi Province, show the mature understanding of their theme and outstanding expressions. They inquire deep into the inside of life by thinking over the history and memories of individuals and communities which they have met in daily life, life and death, urban landscapes, and everyday life. We would like to warmly invite you to the exhibition and take the time to look back on this year with the artists’ recent works presented first in the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art.
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77      2017_이면탐구자 Inside Out    Sungyeon 17/12/08
76      2017_Book 'Giving Myself Days Off'    Sungyeon 17/12/08
75      2017_2 person show <across>    Sungyeon 17/12/08
74      2017_2016 신소장품 선選    Sungyeon 17/03/23
73      Book Vol. 1. <Humming for Days>    Sungyeon 17/03/01
72      Book Vol. 3. <Light, Sound, Wind>    Sungyeon 17/03/01
71      2016_Solo Show_양철바람연구회    Sungyeon 16/11/23
61      Book Vol. 2. <Talking Doors>    Sungyeon 13/10/24
70      2016_Solo Show_Whispering Room    Sungyeon 16/11/12
69      2016 일장추몽    Sungyeon 16/11/12
68      2016 Naseolheon International Artist Exhibition    Sungyeon 16/11/12
66      2016_통일박람회    Sungyeon 16/11/12
65      2016_Fictional States    Sungyeon 16/11/12
64      2015 Vivid Dream, Clayarck Gimhae Museum of Art    Sungyeon 16/11/12
63      2014_Space Craft - Interface and Potential Art Space    Sungyeon 14/03/04
62      2014_Whispering Layers_결의 언어    Sungyeon 14/02/07
59      2013_Solo Show "Talking Doors" in Seoul    Sungyeon 13/08/27
58      2013_Solo Show "The Hidden Space" in NYC    Sungyeon 13/08/27
57      2013_Lilliput: The Rhetoric of Scale_크기의 수사학    Sungyeon 13/07/17
56      2013_한국현대미술의 흐름Ⅵ-여성주의(feminism)展    Sungyeon 13/06/06
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