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Brush(2009) & Washing Dishes (Video)

This piece is created by putting together one thousand line drawings into an animation. The motion is hand drawn frame-by-frame. The materiality of a person’s body disappears while leaving behind the actions in order to express the body in both tangible and intangible ways. The animations depict trivial activities from an ordinary day such as hair brushing and doing the dishes.

Washing Dishes. 00:02:18 2008
75   Solo Show_Humming for Days      
74   UP-AND-COMERS      
73   solo show_still lives; small voices      
72   solo show_still lives; small voices      
  Brush(2009) & Washing Dishes (Video)      
70   solo show_still lives; small voices      
69   The Girl I left behind me & Whispering Wall(Korean version)      
68   solo show_still lives; small voices      
67   On her own birthday, 22 October 1941(Video)      
66   Exhibition View_Stimulatives      
65   Exhibition View_4482      
64   Sungyeon Park and Trevor Kiernander      
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