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  § 2010_Open Studio in ISCP §

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Isabelle Cornaro, Paysage avec poussin et témoins oculaires, installation with pedestals, carpets and various objects, 15' x 29', 2008, exhibition view at the Kunstverein Düsseldorf, Germany, 2009
November 5 - 8

Open Studios

Opening Reception

Friday, November 5th, 7 - 9pm
(shuttle from Grand St. subway station)

Opening Hours
Saturday - Monday, November 6th - 8th, 2 - 8pm

ISCP is pleased to announce its Fall Open Studios, a four-day exhibition of international contemporary art. This event presents works by the 38 artists, collectives and curators from 26 countries currently in residence at ISCP and offers the public access to innovative contemporary art practices from around the world, seen for the first time in New York City. Open Studios also provides an exceptional opportunity to engage with the production, process and archives of artists and curators working with a diverse range of mediums, approaches and concepts.

Participating Artists and Curators
Birthe Blauth (Germany), Ok-Hyun Ahn (South Korea), Sookoon Ang (Singapore), Bertille Bak (France), Elisabeth Byre (Norway), Tania Candiani (Mexico), Chao-Tsai Chiu (Taiwan), Isabelle Cornaro (France), Dusica Drazic (Serbia), Marian Drew (Australia), F4 (New Zealand), Christian Friedrich (The Netherlands), Peter Gregorio (USA), Nicolás Grum (Chile), Aihua Hsia (Taiwan), Claudia Kapp (Germany), Szabolcs KissPál (Hungary), Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva (Bulgaria), Jonggeon Lee (South Korea), Nadja Verena Marcin (Germany), Armando Mariño Calzado (Cuba), Renzo Martens (The Netherlands), Michael Jones McKean (USA), Eline Mugaas (Norway), Regine Müller-Waldeck (Germany), Maryam Najd (Belgium), Alexandra Navratil (Switzerland), Sungyeon Park (South Korea), Pietro Ruffo (Italy), Ana Santos (Portugal), Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen (Denmark), Marinella Senatore (Italy), Chaw Ei Thien (Burma), Magnus Thierfelder (Sweden), Loreta Ukshini (Kosovo), Christoph Weber (Austria), Jinny Yu (Canada)


33      2011_Sublimation-Connotative    Sungyeon 11/04/25
32      2011_전시기획Curating '오후 네시 속으로' into 4pm    Sungyeon 11/04/25
31      2010_전시기획Curating 'Frozen in Time'    Sungyeon 11/04/24
30      2010_Open Studio in ISCP    Sungyeon 10/12/03
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15      Essay_Visits. Consolidates. Disappears by Taey Iohe    Sungyeon 10/02/15
13      글: 찾아온. 단단한. 사라진    Sungyeon 10/02/15
12      2009_still lives; small voices    Sungyeon 09/11/28
11      2008_Stimulatives    Sungyeon 08/12/18
10      2008_여성60년사 그 삶의 발자취 Herstory 60    Sungyeon 08/12/18
9      2008_아티스트s’ 가든 - 아이들의 정원 전시    Sungyeon 08/12/18
8      2008_4482: Exhibition of emerging Korean artists in London    Sungyeon 08/10/23
6      글: 웅얼거리는 미친 언어들    Sungyeon 07/10/01
4      2007_Chelsea MA shows 2007    Sungyeon 07/09/18
3      2007_벽_그 너머의 이야기 Wall - a story behind that    Sungyeon 06/06/21
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